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Amazing Tattooed Apple Favors

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Today, real bride Marnie talks about one of the details that had all of us at Martha Stewart Weddings in complete awe.

After several years on staff at Vanity Fair, I moved to Portland with Jamie for his medical residency. As everyone knows, V.F. throws killer parties. I took many of the magazine's entertaining principles to heart when planning our New Year's Eve wedding. They always pour the good stuff. The food is comforting and classic. The staff is attentive, but not pushy. The importance of seating is never underestimated, and friends are allowed to sit with friends.

My first holiday season at V.F., I arrived to work one day and found an apple with the magazine's logo imprinted on it on my desk. Immediately, I called my mom, who made me promise to bring it home to Seattle where it became an objet d'art, placed reverently on the bar until it expired.

In the years since, it never quite felt like Christmas until that apple arrived on my desk. It's truly one of the things I miss most about the office now that I work from home.

I knew I had to share this exciting favor with our guests, particularly since we were having a holiday wedding in the apple state, Washington. Cheree Berry created a logo for the apple, and Old Tower Farm did the rest. They were kind enough to send photographs of our apples as they were ripening, which I think you'll find as astonishing as I do. For a Washingtonian, I knew very little about what makes apples red. (Hint: The sun!)

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