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Up & Away: The Making of Our Summer Fashion Story

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The incredible up, up, and away shot from our summer fashion story—see more here.

I love producing shoots for Weddings, especially the fashion ones. It's so satisfying to turn a really cool concept into reality, especially when we've been planning it for weeks. Our summer fashion story, which was shot on location in New Orleans (love that city!), was inspired by a movie called The Red Balloon. Ever see it? It's a beautiful, artsy film about a little boy who follows a red balloon all around Paris before finally floating away. In our version, it's the bride who floats away—and nailing that shot turned out to be the most exciting and challenging part of the entire shoot. My job that day was balloon wrangler, and let's just say that getting over 100 giant balloons to behave wasn't easy. Check out this behind the scenes look at our team making the magic happen. It’ll blow you away!

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  • This is so amazing! The story is gorgeous and I can't help but keep replaying the video over and over again! Congrats on this amazing shoot!

  • How very cool to be able to see behind the scenes. Love the video footage, the music, and especially all the wrangling! The end photo result is fabulous! Keep up the great work!:-)

  • Love the song Mizie

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