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Trend Alert: Purse Bouquets

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If you've seen our latest real wedding, you spotted something a bit different being carried down the aisle. Our creative bride crafted purses for her 'maids out of vintage books by adding ribbon handles and blooms to each tome. The idea of purses holding flowers instead of cell phones is starting to spread -- the shots here are from a real wedding photographed by Shannen Norman.

What do you think: Are purse bouquets the new trend for weddings?

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  • I really like this idea! ALOT!

  • It's an unusual idea - however, I think the two photos above look like it is awkward for the bridesmaid to hold them. Rather than arranging an entire bouquet in the purse, I'd opt for possibly a flat type evening bag that you could pin a corsage or wristlet to the top. Then they could carry the purse flat and later on, take the flowers off if they want and wear them on the wrist.

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