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Help! We Told Our Guests to Save the Wrong Date!

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We received this excellent question on our Facebook page.

My girlfriend had her wedding invitations sent by a printing company and, long story short, they made a mistake and put "Saturday, July 1, 2012" as the date of the wedding. It should have read "Sunday, July 1, 2012." What should she do? It is coming up soon. Is an e-mail to correct the date appropriate? Should the printer send out a hard copy correction? We’re tearing out our hair over here!

Oof! Of all the things that could go wrong at a wedding—from rain at an outdoor ceremony to a last-minute vendor cancellation—this has to be one of the most egregious, because it’s one thing to get left at the altar by your fiancé. It’s another thing entirely to get left there by your entire guest list. But first things first: Your friend, the bride, needs to alert people immediately. Like five-minutes-ago immediately. She and her helpful attendants (we’re assuming that includes you!) should contact people by any means available: a mass e-mail for those you have addresses for, a phone call for those you don’t. As a backup, have the printer reissue the invites with the correct date. And, of course, the couple should negotiate with the company for a partial refund. Good luck!

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