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What's even better than flowers in your hair? One of Littledoe's headpieces

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Chase Cohl is a crazy-sexy-cool chick living a life only the progeny of a legendary rock-band promoter could, a gypset life (gypsy + jetsetter, yah, it's a thing) that includes playing with her band Weepaw, designing jewelry and headpieces out of lace and feathers and florals and crystals for her company Littledoe, and signing her emails "Much love & Have a magical day."

She recently put out a collection of pieces for weddings, and, if they'd have me, I'd seriously run away and live forever in the ethereal world she's created for her lookbook staring her pals Duncan Davies and Theodora Richards, daughter of The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards (Chase's dad Michael Cohl worked with the Stones for years). Here are some of the images in all their barefoot, boho wonderfulness. Her designs are almost always made to order, can be customized, and are just the finishing touch a free-spirited flower child needs.

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