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Cookie Favors from Modern Bite

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Occasionally people send us food. Sometimes it's great, and sometimes not so much. If it's good we always try to tell you about it. If it's bad, well, thanks for playing. When we opened up a special delivery from Los Angeles-based bakery Modern Bite, truth be told, we weren't sure what category their shortbread cookies would fall into because each one is decorated with "designer graphics" (as they dub them), and sure they looked awesome, but I've found that if something looks too good to be true, it usually is. Anyway, we dug in and—surprise, surprise—the cookies tasted AMAZING; rich and buttery with the perfect texture. Score!

Here's a look at what we were munching on. Aren't they cool?

Modern Bite also takes personalized orders, so you can get your cookies decorated any which way you want. The company works with calligrapher Kathryn Murray for wording in gorgeous scripts (shown below) or you can upload a motif or logo (your monogram or a crest, maybe?) to their site and they'll use that. Custom or not, these treats would make fantastic parting gifts for your guests. In terms of pricing, a dozen of the designer graphics cookies go for $42, while the custom ones cost a tad more.

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  • I have had these cookies delivered to me in Toronto, Canada and they still taste incredible..... That is when I finally was able to stop myself from staring at the gorgeous designs and take a (Modern) bite.

  • I too have had the pleasure of seeing and eating these cookies. My whole experience with Modern Bite, from deciding what I wanted, to delivery ( I live in Minnesota) was flawless. I would order from them again without question.

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