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A Grand Gesture: Skywriting Proposal Over Manhattan

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While picnicking with friends in the park yesterday, 6 little planes appeared above Central Park's Sheep Meadow and began puffing perfect rows of white fluff across the blue sky. Everyone who came to share a summer Sunday in the park took out their headphones, stopped tossing Frisbees, and looked up from their books and card games to watch as a perfect analog font spelled out "Christine...". As soon as "Will U Marry Me" was completed, everyone erupted in cheers!

It was such a romantic, grand gesture and it took my breath away. It was a perfect day and a perfect proposal—we hope Christine said "Yes!"

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  • What an incredible gesture. Esp for a city that has so many buildings. I would assume she was either on the River or in Central Park!

  • I did say yes :) thanks for posting! It was the best day of my life! Christine

  • Author Comment:

    Hooray! It certainly made my day... (and 3,000 others'!) We were all very excited to see your response to this post :)
    Congratulations, Christine!

  • My husband and I were visiting NYC for the weekend from Dublin , Ireland and happened to be relaxing in Sheep Meadow - we were just so touched by not only the proposal but by the outpouring of positivity from all the onlookers . Congratulations all !

  • What an absolutely wonderful way to say, "will you marry me." Such a great memory to share with your children one day. :-) Chrissy we are so happy for both of you. Congratulations!!!!!!!

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