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Fashion Cakes: Pretty Peplum

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Apollina Spoto is an attorney in Washington, D.C. and a novice baker. She interprets designer dresses into cakes for her blog Apollinas, and we asked her to whip up unique confections for us.

The peplum has become one of the season’s most popular silhouettes. It’s flirty, feminine, a bit romantic and a great way to accentuate your waist while playing up your curves. Every time I see Jason Wu’s pink and white peplum dress, I think how lovely it would look on a string of bridesmaids lined up for a garden wedding ceremony. I’m getting married in June and since peplum dresses won’t quite fit my beachy wedding theme, I made a peplum cake instead—so I can have my Jason Wu and eat it too.

Cake photographs by Sebastian Marin

The cake I made is strawberry and vanilla with vanilla buttercream, complete with a fondant houndstooth-patterned top, peplum waist, and a skinny bow belt. She’s quite a sassy little number. I think she’d be perfectly dressed for a bridal shower, too. Come to think of it, maybe I should have waited to make this cake for my upcoming shower! I guess I’ll just have to recreate some other fantastic wedding item that I desperately want to sink my teeth into…

See her polka dot cake here.

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  • Wow, just wow!

    I love the cake, one of my favorites that Apollina has created. The houndstooth detail up top was special, and the skirt is so perfect for this!


  • A sweet girl with a sweet idea. Sweet eye appeal.

  • you are SOO talented apollina! the cake is absolutely stunning!! where can I get one?? =D

  • This one is probably one of my favorites. I really enjoy it when the cakes really pick up the details in the dresses. Nice work! Do you make cakes for other people's weddings? I would love to have you make one for mine!

  • Love it!!! tres chic :-)

  • Looks amazing! Best one yet!

  • This one took my breath away! It captures this dress perfectly and in the best shade of pink! My favorite so far. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  • This cake is just perfect! It looks so much like the dress it's unbelievable. Good job!! I wouldn't even be able to cut it...although if it looks this good I know it must taste amazing!

  • INCREDIBLE per usual. And it tastes just as good as it looks. Wonderful job beautiful lady.

  • Haute couture, haute cuisine, beautiful!

  • Looks great! Wish we had one for our wedding!

  • Boo-yah!

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