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Mega Million Weddings

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With all this buzz about the biggest Mega Million in lottery history, I started thinking, What would one even do with that kind of money? Pay off a house mortgage, donate to charity, travel the world? Maybe. But some people spend it on weddings! Prince Charles and Lady Diana threw a $110 million extravaganza when they wed in 1981, putting them at the top of Business Insider's 12 most expensive weddings in history. Keeping with tradition, Prince William and Kate Middleton spent an estimated $34 million dollars on their wedding, putting them at number three on the list. If you won the Mega Million tonight, would you throw a million dollar wedding for yourself? It sounds a little over the top to me, however a gown made entirely of antique lace with a 25-foot train, like Princess Diana's is kind of tempting!

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  • That train looks amazing!! This blog is so helpful when planning my wedding. Thank you for posting awesome pictures!!

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