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Vote on your favorite band!

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If, like me, your engagement ring was a surprise (meaning you didn't take part in the design process), then you'll find that shopping for a wedding band is really fun. I ended up going with a very thin, basic gold band, but I loved trying on all the different options. There were so many!

Anyway, over the last few weeks I've been helping a friend pick her band. She wants something very different (her ring is super simple—a round diamond solitaire set in white gold—so pretty much anything will look great with it). We just stumbled upon this awesome jewelry line, Bario-Neal, which has tons of unique styles. These are our three favorites, and I think one of them will end up being the winner.

Now we need your help....which one would you wear?

1. Yellow gold braid

2. Rose gold with faux bois effect

3. Free-form white gold with diamonds

Comments (5)

  • I love the free-form white gold with diamonds. I like how it's different and has its own shape.

  • LOVE the yellow gold braid!

  • I love the free-form white gold, but the faux-bois is so organic and unique!

  • Secretly (I haven't told her this because I can't tell which one she likes best) my favorite is the faux bois. It's just so pretty, especially in rose gold!

  • I prefer the rose gold with faux bois effect mostly because I think the yellow gold braid would be uncomfortable

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