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To dye or not to dye, that is the question...

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A friend of a friend is getting married this spring, and I just heard that she's planning on having her hair dyed from blond to dark chestnut brown for the big day. I'm all for experimenting with hair color (I've probably changed mine 50 times in my life) but my first reaction was TELL HER NOT TO! Your wedding day is exciting enough—do you really need to add to all that with a big hair color reveal? Plus, she's been a blond since she was little (not naturally, but still...), and my worry is that she'll feel like she doesn't really look like herself, especially when she looks back at photos. I personally wouldn't do it, but I'm curious—what do you guys think?

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  • she should do it now and that will give her plenty of time to change it back if she doesn't like it.

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