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Real Weddings Round-Up: First Dance Songs

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One of my favorite questions to ask a couple is what song they're choosing for their first dance. I'm a music junkie and I can't help myself! If you're on the fence, click through this round up of first dance songs selected by our couples, and listen to a selection of the tunes below to help you get inspired.

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  • nice blog. Happy new year to everyone from Italy!

  • I love some of these modern and new songs, but I have to say, I always enjoy a wedding when they take the first dance song, back a few years! Ours was Barry Whites, "Never Ever Gonna Give You Up". It was perfect for us! Thanks for sharing all these fun ideas for first dances!

  • I love it when couples use a good oldie, one that hasn't been overused. Ours is "You Send Me" by Sam Cooke.

  • i just want to see how couples dance to several of these. that would be extremely entertaining!

  • Great list! My husband and I danced to "Just the Way You Are" by Billy Joel and we still accept each other with all of our imperfections, 27 years later!

  • ‘Just Dance 2’, comes back with a brand new tracklist of more than 40 popular songs. Each track has its own choreography. The Just Dance 2 Song list contains a wide range of music including classics to contemporary. Another cool feature is new music styles such as Bollywood or Reggaeton. And if that’s not enough, for those of you who still want more, you will be able to download music from an expanding catalogue of new hits all while using WiiWare. So grab a copy and enjoy the Just Dance 2 song list.

  • The songs on Just Dance are rated by skill and effort required. Players are awarded points for each dance based upon accuracy and timing. There are 4 different ways of playing the game. If you are playing with friends (and for grown women doing this I recommend a glass of wine first to loosen their inhibitions) you can play a couple of games : “Strike a Pose” is a bit like musical statues and “Last One Standing” is an elimination game. My favorite to play is the “Classic” version where you pick a track and dance along. The objective is to beat your previous scores. If you want to practice without keeping score there is also a “Practice” mode. The exciting nature of the songs on just dance makes it fun to practice.

  • I love Eva Cassidy's "Songbird". This is such a wonderful first dance song; makes me cry! :)

    Great selection you've got here.

  • Eva Cassidy is ok, but the original "Songbird" by Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac) is the original and best version of that song.

  • This is exceptional! Great to get a summary of great songs that a bride can use when planning the wedding music!

    Tip: Try to use a song that you both love as far as possible. It makes it easy to learn the dance steps as you both know the song's rhythm and beat!

    So romantic!

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