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Love It! Frances Palmer Pottery

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I’ve long admired potter Frances Palmer's craftsmanship and classic shapes with a whimsical twist. We've featured the wine country wedding of her niece Christina Kramlich and her handmade cake stands were used as the centerpieces. (See more of that wedding here.)

A few of my favorite Frances Palmer pieces

I’ve been working with Frances on a story for our upcoming summer issue and she's been incredible. When I said I'd love to showcase certain pieces in our story, she went out and literally threw them on her wheel that afternoon to get them to me in time for the shoot. It was so awesome to receive these one-of-a-kind beauties and photograph them.

You'll have to wait to see that issue, but all brides can get their hands on her beautiful Pearl collection (vases from the line are shown above). Frances recently told me a little about it and why it's so great for everyday china: "Every piece is hand-cast, pressed, and glazed in Buffalo, New York, in one of the two remaining ceramic factories in the USA. The factory dates from 1901 and I am the only artist to have ever partnered with them on a hand-crafted product," she says. "The Pearl dishes have a chip and crack guarantee and are dishwasher and microwave safe, as well as ovenproof. You can bake in every piece!"

You can't find her unique dishes in a conventional tabletop store, but you add them to your wedding registry on her website or through

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  • I am not a bride, nor do I want to be. That said, I greatly and deeply appreciate the fine hand and artistic capabilities of Ms. Palmer's ceramics. My favorite coffee cup is from her roster of beautiful things. It is a most beautiful shade of sky blue. Every morning I enjoy a cup of sky along with my cuppa Joe. Thank you! Lucia Costantino

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