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Build Your Own Chocolate Box With Choclatique

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Trying to think of something to give your honey for Valentine's Day? You can't go wrong with chocolate, right?

I recently had the pleasure of tasting quite a few of the offerings from Choclatique, and they won't disappoint. There are a bunch of nice options to give your significant other (or wedding guests!). You can use the "build your own box" tool and pick whatever chocolates you want to fill a 8-, 15-, or 30-piece box. Here's a screen grab of a virtual assortment I put together below.

Another fun option is their chocolate SweeTweet, which allows you to spell out a phrase of your choosing. How about something like "I can't wait to marry you, my love"?

And lastly, their special for February is their "Love" box of truffle hearts. The Grand Marnier hearts are particularly divine.

Are you planning on sending your sweetie chocolates?

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