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A Holiday Engagement Story

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It's engagement season, and we're betting a lot of you have some great stories! I just got wind of one that I couldn't resist sharing.

It begins with Reagan, who works at Kristin Newman Designs (the planning and event design company that helped create Katy and Jeff's wedding from our new winter issue). Reagan was in D.C. over Christmas to see her boyfriend, Grant, who is commissioned in the Marines. The couple was walking under the National Christmas Tree when a girl walked by with a golden retriever puppy. Reagan knew she was getting a puppy from Grant for Christmas, but when she stopped to pet the puppy she didn't realize it was actually the puppy she'd be getting. The sweet thing had a tag on it's collar etched with the words "will you marry me." She said yes!

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Oh, that stunner on her finger? A gem from Croghan's Jewel Box, in Charleston, where Reagan lives. Grant picked it out in August, after asking Reagan's father for her hand in July. And the pup? Her name's Penny!

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