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Real Weddings Follow-Up: Lawren and Jesse, Part 3

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You've seen the video and heard a great story from the bride. Now it's the groom's turn to share. Read the full story about Lawren and Jesse's wedding here, and read on for a little extra something about the music of the day. He is a drummer, after all.

It's a weird blend, combining the happiest day of your life with blues music, but you don't really know what you have without knowing what you don't and the blues are all about that. Lawren and I put together an Americana/Roots Music/Blues playlist to connect all the other amazing musical moments during our wedding. It included songs by Skip James, Leadbelly, Son House, Iron Horse (covering Modest Mouse) and the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack. The pops and hisses from the old recordings really complemented our visual aesthetic and set the mood for our country chic wedding. We were also extremely lucky to have the actual artists who wrote some of our favorite songs perform them at our wedding. Follow the jump for a little playlist.

Oh No Oh My, "Walk in the Park" - What can I say about these guys? They're amazing musicians and very dear friends. "Walk in the Park" has been a part of our life-long playlist since 2006. When it came down to choosing music for the wedding, we both had the same instinct and that would be to walk out to this song. We talked to them, and they were more than thrilled to come out and be a part of our ceremony. They turned the song into an eleven minute building processional on the fly with it climaxing into the original version as Lawren walked onto the grass. It was phenomenal.

Dawes, "Love Is All I am" - Again, I can't express enough how lucky we were to have some of our favorite songs played at our wedding. Our first dance was to "Love Is All I Am" by Dawes, and it was kind of mind blowing to hear that song as I looked out at the hills that I grew up in while dancing with the love of my life. It really doesn't get any better than that. Dawes also took care of the rest of the reception which included a couple original tracks and some request like "Be Young, Be Foolish, but be Happy," from the father of the bride, and "Dancing in the Streets (Bowie/Jagger version)" from Lawren and I which required guest vocals by Dan and Kyle.

The Deadly Syndrome, "Deer Trail Place" - The Deadly Syndrome is my band, and Lawren thought it would be important for us to play at the groom's dinner the night before the wedding for all of our family that wouldn't regularly have chances to see is play. The last four lines of the song all highlight the roads and streets that the four of us grew up on. I grew up on Vineyard Drive and that's the road that I got married on.

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