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Holiday Gift Guide: How To Get What You Really Want

Posted by is invaluable to brides and grooms-to-be. But I've been using it as my Christmas and birthday gift registry for some time now since it lets you aggregate goodies from all over the web, bringing them all into one easy-to-use list.

I am not engaged, expecting a baby, or going through any other major life moments, so at first I was a little afraid people would think that it's tacky but I've really just come to view it as a grown-up, 21st-century Santa wish list. My family lives thousands of miles away and I've found that this is the easiest way to let them know exactly what I'd like for Christmas. They can easily purchase whichever item they want to give and there is no question about size or color as it is all right there. My favorite part is that it helps me remember all of the goodies I see on websites and blogs (like ours) that I want for myself. I just click the "Add to my Regisrty" tab on my toolbar and it remains on my wish list until it is purchased or someone removes it. Here are a few things on my registry this year.

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer, $30

I think I like this just as much for the packaging as for the amazing Ginger Fire color.

J. Crew Vintage Pajama Set, $78

My sisters and I get a new pair of pjs every year. I'm really hoping for this pair!

In God We Trust Feather Ring, $100

I love jewelry that has an organic feel. This ring is perfect.

P.S. MyRegistry has a pretty rad app that lets you scan bar codes and add items to your registry when you are out shopping.

And if you need more gift ideas, click here!

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  • How much did pay for this blog post? It sounds 100% like spam. And their website is not user friendly AT ALL.

  • I wish I knew about this before. It would have been so great, in addition, to putting our honeymoon on our registry, which we didn't do either :/. There's always the next marriage. LOL

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