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Debauve and Gallais

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In the late 1700's Chemist Sulpice Debauve created flat chocolate discs that concealed the unpleasant taste of her medicine for Marie Antoinette. She loved them so much, she named them "pistoles" and commissioned Debauve to make them in several flavors. In 1800 Debauve oped his own chocolate shop on the left bank of Paris. This Chocolatier, Debauve & Gallais, once the sole chocolate provider to all French royalty, is still in business today! They are still family-owned and still making Sulpice Debave's original chocolate recipes!

So I ask you this: What better chocolate could you possibly give as a gift? These "pistoles" make great favors not only because they are available in 4 different cocoa percentages and 8 different flavors, but because they are also a part of chocolate history! You can find them at Barneys in a sampler pack.

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