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Shake Things Up With Jonathan Pogash, The Cocktail Guru

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Looking for that perfect signature libation to serve at your wedding? Jonathan Pogash, a.k.a. “The Cocktail Guru”, is at your service. His website is specifically geared towards the design, from top to bottom, of specialty cocktails for weddings! Read on for Jonathan's advice to craft cocktail enthusiast brides.

Why should all weddings include a signature cocktail?
Signature drinks are all about adding that unique and special detail to the cocktail hour and reception. Your guests will have an added option at the bar, and you will have a drink created just for the two of you that you can share for years to come.

Can you actually save some money by opting for a signature cocktail?
Absolutely. With most of your guests sipping on your unique cocktail creation, they will be less likely to order from the open bar. One option is to serve the drink during the entire reception, in addition to offering beer and wine. Another option is to serve the specialty cocktail during your rehearsal dinner.

What kinds of design elements go into creating the drink?
I act as your personal cocktail consultant: we go over your themes, colors, likes, and dislikes, and I create the cocktail to your exact specifications. Whether it’s a variation on that tropical drink you two had in Hawaii, or a twist on that bourbon-based cocktail you enjoyed in the big city, we’ll work together and come up with something just for you!

How far in advance should a bride get in touch with you?
Preferably 2 months before the big day. It generally takes 14 days for me to design the drink, and I want to ensure that your caterers are able to make it on that day.  We coordinate with them on ingredients and supplies so that the drink goes of without a hitch.

For great signature cocktail ideas (and their recipes), click here.

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