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Etiquette: How Many Events Must Your Attendants Attend?

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I heard a story last week about a couple with: two engagement parties, three showers, three golf get-togethers, a "dress reveal," a bridesmaid luncheon, bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal and dinner, morning-of brunch, next-day present opening, and maybe an evening-after dinner. All of them mandatory for the bridesmaids or groomsmen. (Oh, and a wedding somewhere in there, too.)

Many couples can end up putting a pretty big dent in the social schedules of their nearest and dearest, even if they didn't mean to, but I think this case is a tad extreme -- especially expecting the bridal party to show up for all of them.

The wedding is actually the only required event. The rehearsal is a good idea, of course, but even it's optional. Showers, golf games? Great if it works out, but not a big deal if someone can't make it.

How many events will your attendants be invited to? And how many do you think they'll be able to attend?

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  • I completely disagree - the rehearsal is not optional. A couple needs to know that their attendants will be able to get through the ceremony without a hitch. Of course there are circumstances where someone would not be able to attend - but in that case they should let the couple know well in advance and set up a time to be briefed on the ceremony.

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