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The Wedding Library: A New Take on the Guest Book

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I am often asked to suggest an alternative to the traditional guest book, and I love these examples (below) from Etsy vendor Personalized Prints. Each heart and leaf is a signing spot for guests, and the trees come in varying sizes to accommodate larger or smaller weddings. The turnaround is quick and as you can see, it's pretty enough to hang on your wall (as I did for the Wedding Library poster I commissioned).  You have the option to print it out yourself, too. Fun, decorative, and novel -- I love this idea!

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  • Great idea! Another unexpected new take on the guest book is a scrapbook. The POD photobooth package includes unlimited duplicate prints (one for your guests, one for the newlyweds) and a scarpbook. Guests can stick a copy of their printed pics in the scrapbook along with a nice message. This way newlyweds get a glimpse at how much fun their guests had at the wedding as well as the more traditional guest book messages. It's an unexpected form of entertainment that your guests will remember and a keepsake for newlyweds that will last forever.

    If it sounds like your kind of wedding, visit!

  • Love that heart chart!

    Many wedding couples use Mélangerie's wedding genealogy charts as an alternative to the traditonal guest book as well:

    Instead of including guests' hand-written notes, Wedding Genealogies are customized charts, similar to a family tree, that detail all the guests in attendance and detail their relationship to the wedded couple.

    In addition to cataloging guests names these charts fill everyone in on who’s a friend from childhood, a neighbor, a family member, and more. Couples can customize the chart best suited to the style and environment of their wedding, and keep the diagram afterwards as a unique piece of memorabilia.

  • this is so fun...a few of my recent clients have done the thumbprint photo tree!

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