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Boys Will Be Boys Groomsmen Gifts

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True story: It's really, really hard to find great groomsmen gifts that aren't a) incredibly cliche or b) kind of...lame. That's why I think this round-up of vintage-y toys is an awesome idea. Because when it comes down to it, what guy wouldn't be completely thrilled to revisit his childhood with a slingshot, a leather baseball (not to be used with the slingshot, heh...), a balsa glider, and a gyroscope? I found all of these gifts on a site called Hickoree's Hard Goods, which has tons more creative options for guys. Each of these is under $30 (the glider is only $2!), so you could package them all together in a great duffel like this for around $120 a piece. What do you think? And what will your groom be giving his buddies?

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  • Totally beats the money clips or engraved flasks for something more unique. I never know where to look for ideas, so thanks for passing this along!

  • What a good idea! Way better than giving a money clip or flask most guys will never use.

  • Cara- Great article. There are some really cool gift ideas that you have listed. One more to consider that I thought was really unique was a hitchswitch gift card. This company completes all the paperwork for couples who want to change their name after marriage.

    My brother is marrying his partner in NYC this Sunday, and he is giving three of his groomsmen a gift card so they can change their name after they are married (all same sex couples) too.

    I just thought it was cool, and something 'outside the box.'


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