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Guest Blogger: Heather Packs for the Honeymoon

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Last week, a newly married friend asked me if I'd started packing for my honeymoon yet. Um, no. Between the facials and wine tastings and workouts, I barely have time to make my bed in the morning. She went on to explain that for the month leading up to her wedding, she would stack special items on a chair in the corner of her bedroom, slowly building her honeymoon wardrobe. I loved the idea.

After months of juggling work, wedding planning, and life, I am so looking forward to a week of relaxing. The plan is seven days in Tulum, Mexico so I'm planning for hot days spent at the beach. I figure I won't need much more than these three items: Lanvin straw hat, Eres bikini, and a Moroccan shawl from my friend Joanna, which will double as a sarong.

My "honeymoon trifecta"

But when the occasion calls for actual clothing, this tie-dye maxi dress by designer Gregory Parkinson will be perfect. And his multi-patterned red tote will make a great beach bag, big enough to carry a book, sunscreen and a towel.

In between tying up loose ends at work and downloading books on my iPad, I'm gathering odds and ends for the trip. I stopped by Anthropologie earlier this week, where I picked up a new dress (only $88). It's both ethereal and sexy—I imagine I'll live in this floor-length number. Now that stack in the corner of my bedroom is looking a whole lot brighter.

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