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Expert Advice: Bridget Brown of Bella Bridesmaid

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Southern girl Bridget Brown started her San Francisco company, Bella Bridesmaid, to help women find stylish bridesmaid dresses. We've asked her to give us some of her best shopping tips!


1. Leave the entourage at home: At your first appointment, bring only a few key, trusted maids to avoid opinion overload. Often times, too many contradicting opinions can lead to frustration, and you may leave without making a decision. Then, narrow down the styles to include cuts and colors that will work on everyone.

2. Remember your manners: Bridesmaids, you've said "yes" to be in the wedding party and by doing so, you've agreed to do whatever is needed -- including wearing a dress you may not be crazy about -- with smile on your face. If bridesmaids' budgets are an issue, brides should consider chipping in on the gals' dresses as your gift to them. I can assure you that a contribution toward the dress is much more appreciated than a vase or picture frame!

3. Keep an open mind on styles: It's a celebration, so it's a great opportunity to wear a fun style that you may not normally gravitate towards. Think outside the box, and try on a few new trends.

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