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Wowsa...a 20.5 carat engagement ring!?

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In the world of celebrity engagements, enormous diamonds have become the norm. So when we hear that an A-lister is the proud new owner of a 5 carat--or even 10 carat--ring, we don't even bat an eyelash. But my eyelashes almost fell out when I read that Kim Kardashian's brand new engagement bling is a whopping 20.5 carats. Can't even imagine how big that is? I did a little research, and it's roughly the size of a nickel (see my demo below). I don't even know what to say, so I'll leave it up to you guys. What do you think?

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  • I'm sure it's beautiful and sparkly, but it seems a little too big for me. I'd be down for a 10 carat ring, but 20?! I'd probably need to do some finger exercises before my fingers could carry that weight!

  • A bit too much...if the new Duchess of Cambridge didn't get a ring that size then Kim Kardashian doesn't need one either!

  • Totally absurd. I wonder if it's the same ring that she was reported to have picked out herself while she was dating Reggie ... hmmm

  • my ring has carat envy!

  • Well... I'm sure the ring is stunning and everything she wants. HOWEVER (haha) would I want it? No. I think I would feel embarrassed walking around with that ring on my finger. Obviously, everyone would be staring and pointing at it.

    One thing that came to my mind though... If my fiance COULD afford that ring and did pick it out for me.... How would I decline the ring? That's the biggest slap in the face ever haha! Would you say, "Oh no, that ring is too obnoxious. Thank you anyway though" hahhah No I didn't think so.

  • I think 20 carats is excessive. Can you really feel comfortable going out in public without fear of getting robbed or losing it? I'm happy with my 1.5 carats my hubby gave me.

  • Let's just hope she's a righty because I know I wouldn't be able to do anything with that weighing me down! Yikes!

  • Just curious, how she is ever going to find a wedding band that will be visible behind that GINORMOUS ring?? And I can't wait to see this wedding already!!

  • WOW! I mean you may think larger is better, but that is just too huge in my opinion. I would be so scared I would lose it! Congrats to Kimmy. K, love her, I think she is going to need a seperate room to fit that thing!

  • I think that, like everything the Kardashians do, it's extremely ostentatious and showy. I'm sure all they're thinking about is how to make money off this event!

    Gail D.

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