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Stationery: Semi-DIY Wedding Invites

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I'm a sucker for anything customizable, as long as it looks great and is relatively easy to execute. That's why I love Printable Press, an online stationery company where you can choose from dozens of gorgeous wedding invitation templates, fill in your own text, customize the fonts and colors, and have them send you a PDF of the completed design. Then you can either print off the invites yourself or send the file to a printer. They have some awesome templates to choose from, in a bunch of different styles. You can even work with them to create something completely custom! And it's really reasonable -- a PDF for the invitation, for example, is $70; another for the response cards is $30, and so on. Here are three of my favorites:

Birch Bark Love (find it in the Into the Woods section)

Amor (find it in the Sheer Whimsy section)

Typewritten Note (find it in the Modern Vintage section)

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  • Wow. I'm getting married next year and have been stressing over invitations costs. This could be great!

  • I recently saw the scratch-off save-the -dates in the new Martha Stewart wedding magazine. I tried making them but the scratch off would then i bought clear back to put where I needed to paint, and the paint just wipped off. Has anyone made these, or have any suggestions?

  • Hi Megan, I am the editor who worked on the story. Here is exactly what i used. Original Palmolive soap (the green one) and Golden fluid acrylic paint in
    Iridescent Silver (Fine),

    I then Mixed on part soap with two parts paint.

    I then brushed on one thin layer, let it dry for about 45 minutes to an hour and then brushed on another thin layer. I let this then dry for an hour or two before testing the scratch off.

    I tested this on a number of papers, ranging from matte to semi-gloss and it worked on all. I never tried the clear back and my guess is that it might be too slippery for the paint.

    I hope this helps!

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