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Guest Blogger: Heather's Take on the Bachelorette Party

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I'm not much of a party animal, so I never envisioned limos and strippers for my bachelorette party. But I knew I wanted to do something special with some of the ladies in my life. And what is the most decadent activity imaginable in my work-driven world? RELAXATION.

Cocktails at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, California

I considered a weekend away with my closest girlfriends, but the idea of herding a group of girls gave me anxiety. I'm better one-on-one, anyway. Instead of putting the pressure on myself to do some big extravaganza, I decided on a tried-and-true recipe: me, a couple of ladies, a pool, massages, and cocktails. Not a big deal, and yet—perfection. So, rather than one big trip, I took a few short vacations with some of my favorite girlfriends.

Heather and her sister Megan

Back in April, my sister (and maid of honor) and I spent a glorious 24 hours in Palm Springs. One night in the desert is all I need to get my head on straight. We stayed at the Ace Hotel, where we read, laid in the sun, drank blood-orange caipirinhas, and played bingo. My kind of party.

Holly, Heather and Becky in Mexico

Several weeks later, my friends Holly and Becky and I set out for three days in sweaty, gorgeous Mexico. We stayed in Zihuatanejo, at the romantic La Casa Que Canta (we kept joking that it was our honeymoon). Highlights included sunset walks on the beach, margaritas, fresh ceviche, and swimming in the most beautiful infinity pool I've ever seen.

La Casa Que Canta's infinity pool

I came away from both of these trips inspired and calm. With approximately one week until my wedding, I've been craving a bit more relaxation. So, this past weekend, my sister and I set out for another 24 hours of hiding away in the desert. Luxuriating at The Colony Palms Hotel was the perfect respite from the head-spinning world of coordination and planning in which I currently reside. I'm feeling refreshed, relaxed (read: tan), and ready to enjoy this week.

By the way, I would love any tips for week-of-wedding planning tips. I'm sure there are things I should be doing that I haven't even thought of with one week to go.

P.S. Check out these gorgeous flowers we spotted in Mexico! I'm loving the idea of floating bougainvillea.

Los Angeles-based Heather Taylor owns Taylor De Cordoba, a contemporary art gallery. She publishes the blog LA in Bloom and writes a bi-monthly column Chef Speak for The Huffington Post. She is getting married on June 5, 2011.

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  • trips with girl friends are the best. this post makes me want to go to palm springs so bad. (or mexico!!) your wedding is this weekend!!! omg!

  • Oh sis! Our Palm Springs weekends really are magic - aren't they?

    Tips for wedding week? Let your sis (AKA M.O.H.) help out with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING...

    that's what I'm here for!




  • so happy you took some time to relax. I think that's the wisest move of!! So excited.

  • I hope you can enjoy the outpour of love that surrounds you and Alex. It is all about the two of you that we are celebrating. The ceremony and party are your gifts to us, your guests. We are so excited to share this magical day with you both. Definitlty stop and smell the Roses!

  • I'm for anything that lessens anxiety, and this plan seemed to give you just what you needed: relaxation and celebration with your best gal pals. Brilliant!

  • Oh I love the idea that the ceremony + party are the bride and groom's gift to the guests. Doesn't that take the pressure off? {I feel mine lifting as I type...}

  • This is such a great idea. I wish I could do my "bachelorette" all over again. Well, sort of...

  • These lovely blogs have allowed your loved ones and others to share in the planning and joy leading up to your wedding.I am so very happy to be a part of this.
    See you soon, dear Heather,


  • This makes so much sense for a "bachelorette party." Individual get togethers with your best girlfriends, and at such amazing places -- Palm Springs, Mexico. What could be better!

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