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The Royal Wedding: Yes to Facebook and Twitter--But NOT from the Church!

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Prince William and his bride may want you to share their day on Facebook, and you can get live updates on Twitter from @ClarenceHouse, but they don't want people tweeting from Westminster Abbey!

Apparently senior members of the royal family suggested a technological blackout zone in the church, to make it impossible for wedding guests to post Twitter updates, or e-mail camera-phone pics, from the ceremony. Maybe that seems churlish, but I'm all in favor of it--it's a church!

A wedding is a pretty serious rite--and theirs will be a worship ceremony as well. (Chelsea Clinton asked her guests to check their cell phones at the door--not so easy to do at the Abbey.)

I've heard of brides and grooms who asked their officiant or emcee to make an announcement asking guests not to take photos, and especially not to post them on Facebook. How will you feel about your friends and relatives, and social media?

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