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The Royal Wedding: Honoring Family Weddings

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Over on the official website for the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, they've been putting up footage of royal weddings past. It's a little more high-tech than displaying the wedding photos of your parents and grandparents on a table near the guest book or cake, but still, the concept is the same.

Maybe you can download videos of past family members's weddings onto your wedding website, just like William and Catherine!

Or, create a photo display instead. Catch our detailed how-tos for a family photo wall.

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  • To make the most of your video here are some DS Media Video tips:
    1) Time Management: We all know how crazy things can get on the wedding day and with so many people involved sometimes it is important to have a run sheet of the whole day not just the reception. Share this run sheet with all key players, not just your service providers, that way everyone knows where they are meant to be and what time to be there.
    2) Allocate enough time: Wedding videos are really lovely when they include some footage of both the bride and the groom’s pre wedding preparation, making it more like a story. Make sure you tell your videographer what you want if you require something specific. Our videographers are accommodating and nothing is a problem, but it is all about communication.
    3) Location footage: The location footage is beautiful, so make sure you leave enough time to get from Church to your location(s) and enough travel time to get to the reception on time. Think about this when booking your church time, and geography, as a 3pm wedding ceremony and then a 6pm reception time, isn’t going to leave you with many options.
    4) Contingency Plans: There are some wonderful outdoor locations especially by the beaches and in the Rocks, Sydney, but sometimes the weather may not be cooperative to your plans. Make sure you have some other options in case the weather is wet, if unsure speak to our videographers, who after doing so many functions know lots of great spots for location shoots.
    5) Don’t worry about the weather too much: I know we all like beautiful sunny weather on our weddings, but rest assured some of the most beautiful images and video I have seen are on overcast or stormy days. Firstly all flashes have to compete with sunlight glare, so not all photos are great, also a bit of wind is beautiful, picture a bride standing under overcast beautifully coloured skies, and her veil flowing behind her, as we say at DS Media, that is the money shot!!.
    6) Enjoy! Both from professional experience and personal experience, as I have been a bride too, your wedding day will remain one of the most special days of your life, you are committing to a life together in front of all your friends and family, and so much planning (and expense) has gone into this one day!. Believe me if flies by like the speed of light, so as they say don’t sweat the small stuff, things will go wrong, or may not meet expectations, but forget it and move on as in the scheme of things it really isn’t that important . The day will still be fantastic and as some say it is about the marriage not the wedding!.
    7) Communicate with your videographers: If there is a certain style you want, there is no point telling them after the event. Talk before, tell them what you envision and they can ensure that footage is caught on the day with that in mind. Also give them an idea of what you want the finished product to be like. Our videographers philosophy is that they are with you all day so they will pretty much shoot everything. But you may not want hours and hours of footage.
    8) Come and see us! We are happy to communicate with our clients via phone and email, but we love it when we can meet face to face, we can show you what we have to offer and past work (which can sometimes give you inspiration for your day). We also feel that it opens the communication so that we get to know you and vice versa, so when we turn up to film your wedding we already know each other, which is often more comfortable for both the bride, the groom and us.
    9) Ask lots of questions: When you are looking at different videographers, ask as many questions as possible, one big question to ask is how long it will take to have the final product. I have heard of some people waiting 6-12 months for their wedding video. This is unacceptable, our philosophy at DS Media is quality not quantity. If we have other commitments, we don’t take new bookings in that time period, as we promise all our clients a 2-6 week turnaround on the wedding video, providing they have given us all the text and music requirements. We think the most you should ever have to wait is 2-3 months maximum. Let’s be honest, we all lose interest after awhile, I know if I had to wait too long for my video, I probably wouldn’t have wanted it.
    10) Relax…. Ok easy for us to say, but honestly a relaxed and happy bride and groom look beautiful, stress and nerves show on your face regardless of the smiles. Remember it is a day to treasure forever! Our philosophy at DS Media is that if you are happy then we are really happy and can feel we have done a great job for you.
    Visit us at to contact us and view samples of our work.

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