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Event Design: Decorating with Chandeliers

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Chandeliers are classic and lovely -- they always add an element of luxury and sparkle. If you'd like to include this type of lighting fixture at your wedding, your event space should be your guide to the number and their scale.

Rather than ordering many small fixtures, use a few large-scale, statement-making chandeliers to anchor certain areas. You could use a single chandelier to frame an entrance, another one to define the dance floor, and perhaps a third to highlight the band.

This performance is anchored by a giant chandelier. It defines the space and creates an intimate environment for your guests.

Two over-size chandeliers frame the huge dance floor while adding a little glamour to the evening.

Several large chandeliers bring ambience to this cocktail reception.

Have fun mixing up styles as well -- just keep the scale consistent. Are you considering chandeliers for your own wedding?

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