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Etiquette: Choosing a Wedding Locale

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One of the first decisions an engaged couple must make is choosing where they will marry. Not the venue, but the town, state, or sometimes, the country.

On our message boards a bride is in the middle of this decision and struggling with one problem: All of the important guests are in different locations.

According to tradition, the bride should marry "from her parents' home," which would argue for a wedding in her hometown. But that means all but two parties would have to travel -- and her attachment to it isn't that strong. Another option is to wed in her groom's home region -- but the MOB isn't too thrilled about that.

My take? This is the perfect scenario for a destination wedding. Pick a central location, with not-so-expensive hotels, plenty of flights, and decent public transportation (no rental cars!). Your guests won't spend more on travel, and they'll get to go somewhere fun, too.

How did you choose where you two would tie the knot?

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