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Cakes: Exotic Cake Flavors

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I'm all about the classics. For example, my wedding's color palette was black and ivory, most of my clothes are black, gray, and white, and I love vanilla ice cream.

However, the other day, I tried a piece of Green Tea Mousse Cake from Lady M Cake Boutique -- just about as far from classic as you can get. Surprisingly, the sponge was light and airy, and the green tea flavor wasn't too aggressive.

I thought about what a wonderful and exotic flavor it would be to incorporate into a traditional cake. Since most wedding cakes are multiple tiers, one or two layers could be classic cake flavors. The third layer's flavor could be something more exciting -- like this green tea one. Other options? How about passion fruit, gianduja, orange blossom water, and jasmine?

What are some of your favorite exotic flavors?

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