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Beauty: Power-Packed Facial

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I've had quite a few facials in my days as a beauty editor, and never have I stumbled upon something so fantastic as the Facial Treatment at Face Place (they have locations in NYC and LA).

To give you a tiny peek into the process, they first exfoliate the face and neck with a tiny, gentle vacuum. Then, with their fingers wrapped in flannel (it's softer than tissues to your skin) they perform the most relaxing -- and thorough -- extractions EVER. Seriously. Usually I want to cry after estheticians are done poking and prodding my face, but this felt like a massage. And, unlike some facials, this one didn't give me any breakouts the next day.

If you decide to get a facial before your wedding, do it well in advance. If (worst case scenario!) you have a reaction to something, you'll want to give your skin plenty of time to recover. And unless you already indulge in regular facials, I recommend testing out a new place about three months beforehand to see how your skin reacts.

Do you plan on getting a facial before the big day?

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  • I have only gotten one facial before, so I'm trying another one a little more than 2 months before the wedding.

  • I am so on the fence about facials, I just don't know whether to recommend them to brides. Becuase of all the stress they are under, and the likelihood that if they are wondering about them in the first place, it's more than likely that many brides will not have had routine facials before.

    I worry that they'll break out, and that they won't have time to deal with that. Especially becuase in real-life terms, most brides leave all the beauty details until the very end.

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