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Etiquette: A Gentle Nudge for RSVPs

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Shortly before her wedding, my cousin Kelsea did something ingenious: She invited me to her wedding via Facebook.

Now, don't get me wrong -- that wasn't her main invitation; I'd gotten the formal, paper one in the mail earlier. The RSVP date was a little more than a week away, and this was more of a follow-up with additional info -- and an easy way to reply if we hadn't yet.

Brilliant, don't you think? It didn't really feel like a nudge, or at least, not a pointed one. She sent it to all of the guests who were on Facebook, which kept it from feeling accusatory (keep it a "private" event, please). And the underlying message was, "You're invited," not "You never replied."

An e-vite service like Pingg (our partner) could do much of the same thing and would be a great option for guests not on Facebook. Both make replying as easy as a click.

What do you think -- will you try this strategy? And, are you gathering e-mail addresses for everyone on your guest list?

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