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Expert Advice: Beth Helmstetter, Event Planner

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Beth Helmstetter is the creative director and founder of Beth Helmstetter Events, a boutique planning and design firm based in Los Angeles. Her company specializes in intimate events and destination weddings. She has organized everything from events held in her own backyard to destinations all over the world. Whether in Costa Rica or New Jersey, California or Hawaii, Beth and her team focus on creating personal moments and environments that are effortlessly stylish, approachable, and charming.

Today, Beth is sharing three steps to help jump-start your wedding planning!

1. Envision your day: Once you’ve taken it all in, think about what your wedding day means to you -- this is the opportunity to design a world that is uniquely you and your fiance. Do you consider yourself a bit bohemian? Or, is your fiance super modern? What's your favorite food? Do you find you surround yourself with a large circle of friends, or just a special few? By defining who you and your husband-to-be are in everyday life, you can create a wedding that reflects it.

2. Money talks: Start a dialogue between your fiance, parents, or any additional contributing parties. Discuss what’s financially realistic for you and who will be responsible for covering other areas of the wedding. Once you've come up with a budget and amount for each category (flowers, food, music, photography, etc.), start searching for your venue and booking vendors.

3. Maintain perspective: Emotions can run high as soon as the official planning starts. Take a vow at the very beginning that you will always remember the true significance of the day. If need be, write the words “maintain perspective” somewhere you'll see them everyday. It'll be a helpful reminder when the small stuff starts to throw you off track.

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