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Country Chic Wedding Part 6: Alternative Sweets Table

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Everyone loves the candy buffet, but for the country-style wedding we recently planned, we decided to put a twist on it. So, still following the red and white color theme, we stocked the sweets tables with fruit instead. . . .

Oh, who are we kidding? We did use fruit, but we also offered yummy red and white candies. Groovy Candies helped the process because they categorize their candies by color -- genius!

Our favorite part of creating the sweets station was renaming the candies to fit the theme. We had Tuxedo Whites (white mints), Harriman Bears (red gummy bears), and Summer Snowballs (gumdrops). We personalize everything that gets printed at weddings to make the event even more unique and special.

What items have you personalized to make them your own?

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