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We Love Cakes!

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It's true, we love cakes here at Martha Stewart Weddings. I personally love looking at them more than I do eating them (I'm not a sweets person), but we know plenty of you love the flavor of cake just as much as you do checking out a beautiful design, so we've decided to put all of our favorite cakes in one place.

They're organized by flavor (for those of you who like to eat cake and for those of you who may even attempt to make your own -- there are recipes, too) and we've got them by style (for those of you like me who would rather look at pretty designs and eat something salty).

We've even got a cake quiz to help you decide what cake, dessert, or cake alternative you should choose for your own reception.

Then after the big day, come back and share a photo of your own wedding cake, because we just can't get enough of cakes!

What style and flavor of cake are you serving at your reception?

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