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Travel: Drive to Europe

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Let's just be clear: I'm all for honeymooning. More specifically, I'm all for taking off as much time as you possibly can. But I understand that sometimes that just can't happen. So, for a fun mini-vacay, why not try to experience a little bit of Europe right in your own backyard? These spots are perfect for a slightly tongue-in-cheek road trip, and I bet you'll return with just as many amazing memories as if you'd flown all the way across the pond.

North of Santa Barbara, California, Solvang is like a brightly colored piece of Denmark, complete with windmills and smorgasbord restaurants like The Red Viking. Plus, it's surrounded by the Santa Barbara wine country; an upmarket way to round out your weekend.

Built for Tennessee's 1897 Centennial Exposition, this full-scale replica of Greece's Parthenon sits just west of downtown Nashville. After taking a walk around and checking out the huge golden statue of Athena inside, head over to Second Avenue North for some BBQ and plenty of live music.

You knew the OC had beaches and scandalous high-schoolers, but gondolas might come as a surprise. Cut through the bay and canals of Newport Beach, California on one of these sleek boats -- complete with a gondolier sporting a striped shirt and straw hat -- with the Gondola Company of Newport.

I know that Paris, Texas, and Paris, Tennessee, both have Eiffel Towers. What other European transplants have you come across?

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