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Special Metallic Series: "California Luxe" Popcorn Cake How-To

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Yesterday, I unveiled the final installment of our special metallic series. The "California Luxe" shoot -- orchestrated by Leila and shot by Jose Villa -- was chock-full of fabulous ideas. And earlier today, I posted the how-to for the succulent bracelet. Lucky for you, I'm back with more DIY goodness! Here's the step-by-step for the popcorn cake, dreamed up by Cortnie from Canvas & Canopy:


1 large popcorn bucket
1 small popcorn bucket
Glue gun
Beautiful cake plate

1. Cut off the top quarter of each bucket and discard that trimmed off bit.

2. Use hot glue and a glue gun to attach the fabric to each bucket.

3. Once the glue has cooled, wrap a ribbon around the middle of each container and secure it with adhesive.

4. Make your popcorn and fill the large bucket. Place the smaller container on top of it and fill it with popcorn as well.

5. Place your "cake" on a cake stand and enjoy!

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  • This is SO fun and looks so classy too! It is such a great idea, and defiantly is one of a kind! Something else that would be fun would be to add some candy in the container that follows the color theme for your wedding!

    So cute!

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