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Flowers: Visiting Flower Shops

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When choosing a florist, it's always a good idea to visit their shop or studio. I think it's a great way to get a sense of their style. Are you looking for something eclectic and vintage-inspired or for a sleek and contemporary feel? If I wanted little classic nosegays in vintage vessels for a wedding with old-fashioned charm, I might choose Blue Meadow Flowers, which has called New York City's East Village home for the last 20 years (pictured above).

It's true that most florists are capable of doing many styles and looks, but they usually have one that is their true favorite, that they will really shine at and enjoy doing. Wouldn't you rather work with their favorite style and get it right than take a chance on a florist who is modern when you really want a nostalgic touch?

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  • Great info to share! Retail ambiance is soooo important for clients to experience. If the showroom isn't great, head out those doors and find someone who really cares about their space. Our shop, Camfeldt's Flowers and Design, is reworked about every two weeks. It has an organic/contemporary flair that works with most tastes. Display is key to sales and the wellbeing of our industry.

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