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Flowers: Blue flowers for summer

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The summer is almost over, but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the season's bounty. I happen to love blue flowers: They evoke everything from the cerulean sea to the bright sky, and every shade in between. Here are a few of my favorites in a bouquet we shot for the Winter 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.

You can’t go wrong with periwinkle muscari -- it makes the most precious boutonnieres and nosegays. Every time I make them people just can’t stop gushing over how cute they are!

I also love hyacinths. I've been making flower girl head wreaths, circular boutonnieres, and long necklaces for bridesmaids with it ever since Livia Cetti showed me how to take take it apart and string wire through each flower. They look so tailored and thoughtful. And the smell is pure heaven!

For centerpieces, I use Tiffany-blue tweedia, deep blue anemones, and wispy nigella (each flower looks as if it has been tie-died a different color blue), and its common name, “Love in a Mist," is quite apropos for a wedding, don't you think? I like to arrange them with the shorter, less expensive light blue delphinium known as belladonna, bachelor buttons, and fresh herbs and pretty grasses for that wildflower look.

Blue hydrangeas are perfect in a larger arrangement paired with fruit branches and another favorite, tall Delphinium (they look as if they are glowing!).

And for the finishing touch: Porcelain Berry, related to the grape, is the most beautiful vine I have ever seen. Each berry resembles a brilliant water color painting ranging from indigo to eggplant to turquoise. If I could get my hands on enough of them, I would put them on my cake, in my bouquet, and in my centerpieces. I would build a ceremony marker out of them and wear them in my hair. I love Porcelain Berry! Try it and you will too!

Are you using blue flowers in your arrangements? Which ones?

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