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Fashion: Frank Jedda of Kleinfeld MEN Answers Your Questions

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It's such a treat to get exceptional advice from Frank Jedda of Kleinfeld MEN. You guys had some great questions for him, so he's back today with essential tips on grooms and groomsmen attire, from destination weddings to hand made suits!

A fashionable look from Kleinfeld MEN

Question from Bride's Guide reader, Cara: We're having a semi-formal wedding in Jamaica in May. I was thinking my fiance could wear a white dinner jacket with black bow tie and black dress pants, but will he be too hot? Should the groomsmen wear the same thing?

Frank: Cara, how exciting! I like your idea of a white dinner jacket with black dress trousers if the venue is formal. If the wedding is on the beach, more casual, or taking place in the afternoon, I still like the idea of ivory in the Caribbean climate, but perhaps he should consider a linen or silk ivory suit instead. As far as the groomsmen go, they shouldn't wear the same thing as the groom -- it's his wedding day and he should stand out! Tan suits would be more appropriate.

Question from Bride's Guide reader, Lily: My fiance wants to wear a hat for our wedding (he's bald), but he doesn't want to look too old fashioned or funny. What options does he have?

Frank: Lily, I don't think your fiance should wear a hat if that's not typically his personal style. Your wedding day and how you look on that day should be a testament to who you are, as individuals and as a couple. You'll both want to look back on it and know you looked your best, but to do that you need to look like yourselves. Tell your fiance to keep it simple, be himself, and I'm sure he'll look great!

Question from Bride's Guide reader, Rebecca: My fiance wants his groomsmen to look different than him, but he wants everyone to wear a classic black tux with a bow tie. What options does he have? And what do you think of a pocket square instead of a boutonniere for the groomsmen?

Frank: I think a black tuxedo with an interesting bow tie is a great look for a wedding! And yes, Rebecca, your fiance is right: the groomsmen should look different. The groom can wear a tuxedo with an ivory bow tie and his groomsmen can wear a colored bow tie that coordinates with the wedding theme, perhaps the same color as the bridesmaids' dresses.  Pocket squares are a great idea! And you don't necessarily need to forfeit the boutonnieres, provided the pocket squares are not over the top.

A peek inside the Kleinfeld MEN store

Question from Bride's Guide reader, Rebecca: My fiance has a hard frame to fit. He's medium height with very broad shoulders tapering to a 33" waist, so we're going to use the wedding as an excuse to buy him a custom-tailored suit.  What should he look for in a tailor?

Frank: The most important thing to look for is someone who understands your fiance's proportions so that the suit is designed specifically to fit his build. You'll also want a large selection of fabrics and someone able to advise on the best fabric for your personal wishes and needs. Finally, if you're going to get a custom garment, it really should be hand made. A hand-made garment, contrary to most off-the-rack merchandise made by machines, will naturally fit to his body and really show its unique workmanship. If it's convenient for you to come in to Kleinfeld, I would love to help you and your fiance select the appropriate look and fit for his hand-made suit!

One of Kleinfeld MEN's garments being created by hand.

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  • Thanks so much Frank! It is going to be formal and not on the beach but on the cliffs in Negril here:

  • We are having a formal evening wedding and my fiance wants to wear a more classic version of a tux with a bow tie, he doesn't want to wear a vest with it and favors suspenders over a cummerbund. Is it alright to wear a bow tie and suspenders?

  • Frank is the best and he knows best! We are working with him for my fiance's tuxedo and I pretty much told my fiance to go with whatever Frank recommends. He's such a pleasure to work with and to talk to, and he's got the kindest heart too. I totally trust him, and he's got such great taste. Thanks Frank!

  • Hello girls! Since I didn't get a change to answer all of your questions here, I've answered them in a blog on the Kleinfeld Bridal site. Check out my answers here:

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