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Expert Advice: Send in your menswear questions to Frank Jedda of Kleinfeld MEN

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No one can deny the importance of a good suit, so this week, we've brought in Frank Jedda, Director of Kleinfeld MEN, to answer all your menswear questions. He's got loads of experience in the fashion trenches (his resume includes managing the made-to-measure menswear department at Paul Stuart), and his customers often refer to him as the "authority in men's style." Here at Weddings, we were so excited that Kleinfeld started doing custom menswear, so we thought he'd be a perfect expert for us. Leave your menswear questions for Frank -- what should a groom wear to the engagement party, when should a groom wear a pocket square -- in the comments section below by Tuesday (tomorrow), and on Friday we'll post the answers!

Frank at work!

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  • we're having a semi-formal wedding in may in Jamaica... what should the groom wear? I was thinking white dinner jacket with black bow tie and black dress pants. Will he be too hot? Do the groomsmen (3) wear the same thing or is there something slightly more casual they could wear that won't look funny?

  • my fiancé wants to wear a hat for our wedding (he's a baldy). what options does he have, so he doesnt end up looking funny or way too old fashioned?

  • My fiance wants his groomsmen to stand out from him, but he wants everyone to wear a classic black tux with a bow tie. What options does he have? What do you think of a pocket square instead of a boutonniere for the groomsmen?

  • My fiance has a hard frame to fit with very broad shoulders tapering to a 33" waist on a medium-height frame. We will be using the wedding as a great opportunity to buy him a custom-tailored suit. What should we look for in a tailor?

  • How does my fiance achieve a modern/contemporay look that is cohesive with his groomsmen who will need to rent their attire? Should my fiance buy his suit/tux and have the groomsmen rent? Or should my fiance rent as well? What is the most contemporary look? We were thinking about purchasing nice colored ties.

  • We are having a simple, modern urban wedding. We do not have a bridal party, but green will be our cohesive color. The groom is wearing a black suit, what color tie do you recommend? Something off-white to match me, green or black?

  • My fiance and I are having a Black Tie New Year's Eve wedding (so excited!) All the groomsmen are wearing classic tuxes with pocket squares. What look can set my groom apart from his groomsmen? We were thinking maybe a white bowtie? Or a White jacket and black bowtie? Speaking of bowties - where do you suggest we pick one up? I'd like a really hearty bow tie, not one of those skimpy clip ons. :) (ps. I'm a Kleinfeld - can I look at your selection at my dress fitting?)

    Also, do his tux shoes need to be patent leather? His aren't, but they are a standard black leather dress shoe.

  • Hello girls! Since I didn't get a change to answer all of your questions here, I've answered them in a blog on the Kleinfeld Bridal site. Check out my answers here:

  • We are getting married this year august 2011 in Jamaica. Believe it or not we are having a very formal and classic wedding in a gazebo ( not on the sand). Our theme colors are Yellow, white and charcoal grey. The bride’s maid will be dress in yellow, me in white. We were thinking of getting the grooms man in charcoal pants and maybe just a matching vest (2nd piece to a suite) while the groom will wear a similar outfit but slightly lighter (what do you think). Also what kind of material should the suites is made of (August in Jamaica) what color and tie would be better if I want to play with my theme colors? And what about the two little boys walking what can they possibly wear to match the wedding party.

  • Author Comment:

    Hi Sandy,

    Frank isn't answering questions at our blog anymore, but you can reach him at here: Just send your questions to Kleinfeld Men and he should get back to you. Thanks for sending this in and good luck with your wedding!

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