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Fashion: Bridal Gowns at $1,000 or Less

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Wow, I wish Theia, a new capsule collection of ready-to-wear bridal dresses, had been around when I got married!  The gowns are gorgeous, and they retail at $1,000 or less. I know it sounds too good to be true, but its not! The inspiration  came from the Greek goddess of light (hence the name), and you can see it in the draping, beading, and embroidery. Looking to channel your inner goddess? These dresses will hit select Nordstrom locations starting in November!

Images courtesy of Theia

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  • I'm really starting to understand why people tell you to stop shopping/looking for dresses once you've found yours. It seems that in the past two months, I've seen many more beautiful dresses than was available a year ago, and a lot of them are much less expensive than my dress ended up being. It's a good thing my wedding is in October. That top one would make me do something crazy :)

  • ohh my god..its so costly dear..i dont think that its affordable to past 2-3 years i have noticed that the craze towards the costly wedding dresses is rapidly increasing..people got crazy about all the costly designer gowns

  • beautiful...I especially love the first one.

  • white bridal gowns are still the prettiest although it is already a classic color .

  • there are many bridal gown options these days but i thought those black wedding gowns are cool too :'.

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