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Etiquette: How Long Should the Special Dances Last?

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Recently on the radio, we were discussing the special dances, and Alisa called in with this insight:

A lot of the enjoyment of a wedding has to do with the excitement. And when you make people sit down like it's a presentation, they lose interest.

Lots of couples have gone to great lengths to make their first dance, or even the bride's dance with her dad, interesting.

Because it's true: There's a lot of sitting around watching during the dances. And that's not very exciting.

Perhaps the best way to make it interesting is to invite your guests to join in on the dance floor after a little while -- which is actually what all the etiquette books suggest.

What do you think? How will you fight off the "presentation" problem?

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  • As a wedding photographer, I've seen hundreds of parent dances and yes, when they dance the entire length of a song, it does get boring for everyone to watch. Especially since most people don't even actually dance but shuffle their feet so there's nothing happening to watch after half a minute or so. It doesn't sound like a long time but if you were to right now dance around for 30 seconds you'd see that it is.

    And when they dance that long, the two more likely start chatting with each other, which further diminishes the mood of it all. Then all the guests are watching two people shuffling their weight while conversing.

    And I notice the guests soon start turning their attention back to others at their tables.

    Better therefore would be a dance that's short, sweet and sentimental.

    Same goes for toasts!

  • I like the idea of inviting guests to join...but doesn't that pose a problem in getting to the next special dance?

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