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Beauty: Waxing poetic about bridesmaids gifts

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I love candles, and it's safe to say that if I'm at home, at least one is burning. To the point that when I'm not home, I'm paranoid that I've left one lit (haven't done that though...yet). Anyway, most people I know feel equally enthusiastic about them -- and that's why I think they make great bridesmaids gifts. Check these out, from Lafco. Each comes in a tin, with a lid that doubles as a stand, plus a cute little box of matches (and they're only $20!). There are 16 scents to choose from, so unless your bridal party is out-of-control enormous (a trend I personally can't stand, but hey -- this is a judge-free zone), you can match them to each of your friends' personalities. My favorite is cedar, but the fig and rose currant versions smell intoxicating too. Actually, they all do. Mainly because unlike other cloying, headache-inducing candles, these diffuse a soft, subtle fragrance that makes your place smell better, not ready for fumigation.
What do you think? And what will you be giving your bridesmaids?

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  • Love the candles but I don't think large bridal parties are a trend but a personal decision! Some times you just can't have it any other way.....

  • That is quite a good idea actually.

    As for bridesmaids gifts, I'll be giving personalised antique boxes, they will have an engraved message on them. I hope that the bridesmaids will keep them in their bedrooms and remember the ceremony for a long time.

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