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Template of the Week: Children's Place Mat

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There is always debate over whether or not to invite little ones to the big day. They can be rambunctious, loud and act like, well, kids. These place mats, designed by artist Jason Polan, may help at least a little. Working as a place marker and table setting aid, they're also armed with a fun word game any tike will enjoy. Arrange them on a colorful tablecloth for a playful contrast and scatter a few cupfuls of crayons here and there for circling answers and doodling. It should keep them occupied at least through speeches - but we can't promise it will keep them off the dance floor.

Download the PDF file with our template. Print out onto heavyweight 11 by 17 inch paper or cardstock. If your home printer can't handle that size of paper, an office supply shop can do it for you; simply copy the file onto a thumb drive or CD, and take it to the store.

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