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Registry: Catch Alls

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You know what they say about New York City apartments. You're lucky if you've got more than one tiny closet to store your clothes in. I'm pretty positive not everyone has this problem -- you know who you are D.C. dwellers -- but if you're like me with little space to waste, these clever catch alls will be right up your alley. They're the perfect marriage of style and substance, and just think how cute it'll look with both your coats hanging from it!

Eames Hang-It-All

Symbol Coat Rack

Ribbon Coat Rack

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  • Love the ribbon Coat Rack!

  • Yes, I second the ribbon coat rack!! I happen to be a member of the NYC Barely There Closet Space tribe that you mentioned :( Always looking for new ideas to save space...and this is very contemporary looking too which goes well with the rest of our decor. Will be adding it to our wish list :) Thank you!

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