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Registry: Big-Ticket Items

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As far as registries go, there's the tried and true -- the blenders and the cake stands -- and the avant garde. Many engaged couples find that when they combine household goods, they don't really need to register for the common items, such as china and linens. So what's a newly-engaged couple to do?

I think it's a wonderful idea to encourage your friends and family to go in on bigger items that will grow with you and bring an element of tradition and style to your (maybe new) home. Wouldn't it be nice to kick back, relax, and reminisce while, say, lounging on the sofa your bridal party chipped in to buy you? It's something you'll see every day, or at least more often than that fancy china. With that in mind, here are a few of my favorite sofas on the market right now.

What do you think about registering for big ticket items?

Wisteria Sofa with Bridal Rug

Jonathan Adler Lampert Loveseat

Jayson Home and Garden Celeste Sofa

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  • How about registering for charity instead? As couples get married older, they could split the registry between a few good items and a nice charity.
    That said, I once thought about registering for a car, so going in for a sofa or dining room table certainly makes more sense. And Bed Bath and Beyond only carry so many furniture items you may need and can buy via giftcard.
    Do places like Ikea or other (nicer) furniture places have registries? What are those logistics gonna look like?

  • I think it's a great idea. Not only do you get something you really want and will use, but it lets people work out the gift thing in advance. I love the idea of not carrying anything with me to a wedding - it would be even more so for a wedding I was in!

  • We are planning on registring for a couch...but haven't found a great way to do so. My fiance is planning on creating an ecommerce site for things of this nature, but does anyone have a better idea?

  • Morgan, allows you to add anything from any e-commerce website to your registry with the "Universal Registry" application. You could find the sofa you want at a site like Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel and add it to your Amazon registry. Just an idea!

  • Awhile back I saw a site that allowed people to buy shares of big ticket items - say, put $100 towards a couch. But I can't for the life of me find it again! I think this sort of cost sharing would be a great way to buy those big ticket items when guests are spread all across the world.

  • Author Comment: offers a service that lets you add anything from any e-commerce site, as well.

    It can be hard finding an e-commerce site for some sofa, though.

    One thing that I think you CAN do: on your website, under your "Registry / Gift ideas" link you can provide a link to your regular registry, of course.

    Then add a link that says, "Help Us With Some Big-Ticket Items." There, put a web page that has pics of the sofa you want (maybe not a price tag), and something that says, "We're saving for this sofa; it'll replace the lumpy corduroy number Phil found on the street in college."

    Any other sort of big-ticket things, or non-traditional things, can go there.

    Then people who are interested in the idea will simply write you a check, and you can buy the sofa on your own. It's a subtle way of asking for cash, because you're NOT asking for cash; you're telling people that you are saving for a sofa, and would be glad of any help they offered.

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