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Registry: Creative Registries

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We all know how important a wedding registry can be when you're starting your new home -- it's the best way to fill your cupboards and linen closets. But what if you already have everything you need and just want to register for things that you want? The ideas are limitless: brunch at your favorite restaurant, artwork, train tickets, and even Japanese washi paper tape. This was the case when Cherie Messerli and David Rager tied the knot last August. They were moving to Paris soon after their nuptials and didn't want to ship new china or a breadmaker to France. They wanted experiences, sentimental items, and memories from home, and they created the most amazing registry of exactly what they wanted. Below you can see how inventive a registry can be. I know all your guests will be clambering to buy these items.

Or will they? Are you opting for an inventive registry or something more traditional? And how heavily did your guests' reactions weigh in the decision making?

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  • We're in a similar situation. We move a lot and have been living overseas in Europe for quite some time. But our wedding is taking place in the states. We're using for our wedding website and registry, and guests are reacting really positively. We've gotten a couple of gifts already. This type of registry makes a lot of sense for us given our expat status, but I think it's great for anyone who doesn't necessarily want the usual dept store experience. A site like this gives you options and takes away a lot of the stress. Since I created mine, some of my stateside friends have signed-up too. It's just a more modern way to go.

  • We opted for for 2 reasons: 1. that new iphone app zapper is addicting and we can go from to store adding items, 2. we were able to add from 7 hopes united & etsy. We wanted to support the artisans of the world which I guess is not the most creative but definitely fun. I think creative registries are fun to create and fun for guests to view. That's just my take on it!

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